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Victoria Kulesza

Victoria (RYT 200) is an alignment based yoga teacher. After practicing yoga for 4 years, Victoria found alignment yoga in 2016 and never looked at the world of fitness the same. Alignment based yoga is rooted in anatomy and biomechanics. It starts from the premise that yoga should be accessible to all bodies with capacity to move. Victoria was amazed by this style’s ability to reach so many different types of people and bodies. Furthermore, she discovered that yoga has the ability to cultivate a relationship between the mind and body, giving you skills to use on and off the mat. Inspired by the impact yoga made on her life, she decided to share yoga with others. Victoria completed her 200 hour training with Yoga Mechanics in Montclair, NJ in 2018. She teaches an open level class; full of strengthening, stretching, and centering, all in one hour.

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