Pure Mixed Martial Arts Reviews

Pure Mixed Martial Arts Ashley Gauthier

Joining Pure is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made! I can't say enough about the amazing instruction by not only the Main Brothers themselves, but their other fantastic coaches as well. The atmosphere has always been warm and welcoming, and I have met an amazing group of training partners - turned friends! The Pure family far surpasses my initial expectations of trying a new martial art.

Ashley Gauthier

Pure Mixed Martial Arts Brian McLaughlin

Pure MMA is an incredible academy. Main brothers Andy and Mikey are passionate instructors who are true experts at their craft. They have an enthusiasm for martial arts that is highly contagious. The academy is very welcoming for kids and adults alike and the family atmosphere makes all students immediately feel at home. I've spent more than a decade training martial arts, in that time I've been on the mat with UFC champions and elite black belts across the nation - I can confidently say that the Main Brothers are two of the very best martial artists I've ever encountered. I give them my highest endorsement.

Brian McLaughlin

Pure Mixed Martial Arts Phil McEntee

I've never been in a place with a more friendly, open and encouraging environment, and yet the training that goes on here is deadly serious and the trainers and coaches are as good as they come. I train here myself and I bring my 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter here too. In the short time I've been training here I've been welcomed and made a part of a large team where every member is dedicated to the betterment of not only themselves, but of everyone they train with. This place (and the coaches, training partners and families that make it great) continue to allow me to grow and challenge myself and my entire life is better for it. There's no place else like it - come in and see for yourself.

Phil McEntee

Pure Mixed Martial Arts Melissa Gibson

Pure MMA is a great place!  My daughter loves the TKD classes and instructors and has expanded into kids Jiu-Jitsu and Main Chicks Jiu-Jitsu and loves it!  The location is extremely clean, the owners and instructors are incredibly friendly and supportive, and price is very reasonable.  There are so many classes to choose from. Kids movie nights and parties are great too!  Definitely check them out.

Melissa Gibson

Pure Mixed Martial Arts Carly Vitale

Pure Mixed Martial Arts is an amazing place that offers all the best training in all different types of martial arts for kids and adults. If you're looking to make a positive impact on your life or just want to lose some weight then come check out Pure!

Carly Vitale

Pure Mixed Martial Arts Jennifer Lynn

Training at the Main Brothers Academy is a powerful experience. You truly get the best of all worlds. Mike and Andy Main embody what true martial artists are - through their talent, their dedication, their achievements and the way they live their lives in general. They are superior instructors with an ever increasing following of like minded students, who are dedicated to living empowered, positive lives on and off the mats. The benefits of training reach every area of my life. My 11 year old son trains too and is equally impacted by the mental and physical benefits that come with learning at an academy of this level. It is a true gem!

Jennifer Lynn

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