Rockaway Submission Grappling Classes

Beginner Submission Grappling Classes Enrolling In August

students in submission grappling  in Rockaway - Pure Mixed Martial Arts

Submission Grappling is a style of NoGi ground fighting that incorporates techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, different styles of Wrestling and Judo which makes it a supreme form of grappling to apply in real life situations or amateur and professional MMA.


  • Wrestling

Wrestling has proven to be a key element in Mixed Martial Arts. Takedown skills enable a person the ability to control where a fight or grappling match takes place. There are many styles of wrestling which have been influenced by many different countries. Popular styles include collegiate, freestyle and greco roman.

  • Judo

Judo is an ancient style of grappling that is considered to be the parent martial art to more contemporary styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Judo is built around leverage based throws and crafty submissions. When mixed properly with wrestling, it makes for a very well rounded and efficient takedown game.


The instructors at Pure Mixed Martial Arts bring a wealth of skill and knowledge in these styles as well as the ability to teach how to incorporate Wrestling and Judo into the entire grappling and MMA game.

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