Record Holiday Open Mat + NEW MATS Announcement!

Record Holiday Open Mat + NEW MATS Announcement!

On July 4th 2023 Pure MMA in Rockaway, NJ hosted a record size open mat with nearly 200 participants taking time out of their holiday to stop by and train for a couple hours. Pure MMA holiday open mats have become tradition and events that Jiu Jitsu and MMA practitioners from all over the tristate area look forward to attending on their days off. 

In part to continue to support these incredible turnouts, Pure MMA will shortly be acquiring all new mats and expanding the training space by another 1000sqft.

Thank you everybody that has been a part of this journey and joined our mission to build up the martial arts and jiu jitsu culture as a whole and bring all the amazing benefits of jiu jitsu, muay thai, karate, mma, and kickboxing to people in our region and around the world!

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