Martial Arts give youth Passion Drive Commitment

Martial Arts give youth Passion Drive Commitment

Kids Martial Arts classes in Rockaway, New Jersey offer kids amazing benefits!

The kids martial arts programs at Pure Mixed Martial Arts give kids an incredible boost in so many positive aspects of their lives. Benefits include respect, work ethic, passion, and both listening and leadership skills. Meghan received an award of excellence at school for her presentation on Jiu Jitsu and Pure MMA. We are so proud to have so many dedicated kids and teens on our mats. 

We have an incredible team of instructors for our kids programs. Every class has 3 - 5 instructors and assistant instructors on the mat. We start kids as young as 3 and have 14 classes per week to choose from. Pure Mixed Martial Arts in Rockaway, NJ is currently offering a 6 week unlimited trial including a uniform for kids. Contact us to take advantage of this trial and set up your child's first class!

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