USA Judo comes to Pure MMA

USA Judo comes to Pure MMA

Pure Mixed Martial Arts has become a certified USA Judo training center recognized by the US Olympic Committee and we would like to welcome 2nd Degree Judo Black Belt, Kevin Costello to the coaching staff! Judo classes will be starting in the brand new room next month!

Kevin has been training in Judo for over 20 years. He began training in Judo in 1996 earning his first degree black belt in 2003 and second degree black belt in 2011. Kevin competed and placed at the Local Level, State Senior as well as National Masters and International Masters Level. Kevin received his coaching certification through USA Judo in 2010 and is currently certified at the National Level by USA Judo.

Kevin is a well-rounded martial artist whose martial arts journey started ten plus years before he found Judo. In addition to holding a second degree black belt in Judo, Kevin also holds a third degree black belt in Kempo and a first degree black belt in USJA Ju-Jitsu.

Judo classes start June 6th for Kids 6-12 and Adults! Contact us to try classes, free!

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