Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule

We are making some schedule adjustments for the summer starting June 25th. Attached is the new schedule.

Changes to note are
-Addition of 10:30am Kids TaeKwonDo classes Mon,Weds,Fri

-Tues, Thurs 4pm Kids TKD is removed and Kids TKD at 5pm is now all levels.

-Thursday 7pm Jiu Jitsu is now all levels

-Thursday 8pm has been replaced with an advanced NoGi Jiu Jitsu with strikes or "Vale Tudo" class. 3 stripe white belt and up. We will not be striking hard but for safety please get a mouthguard and mma style gloves. You may participate the first few weeks without gloves and drill with light open palm strikes but please get gloves. MMA gloves through Pure are $35.

Thursday night Muay Thai requires a minimum of 2 months of consistent classes

-Addition of Advanced Kids Jiu Jitsu Friday at 6pm. Kids must be 9yrs and up and at least a grey belt.

-Addition of Beginners NoGi class on Friday at 7pm.

Looking forward to a great summer of training! 

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