A Family of Black Belts

A Family of Black Belts

Meet the Keegan family! Parents Tom and AnneMarie, members of our Fitness Kickboxing team, are seen pictured with their three sons, Sean, Owen, and Timmy. All of the Keegan boys are members of our Tae Kwon Do Black Belt team and our Board Breaking/Weapons demonstration team. Sean and Owen, both second degree black belts, are pictured with the youngest Keegan, Timmy, on the day of his first degree Black Belt promotion back in December 2018. All three siblings balance their hectic school schedule, homework, soccer teams, and still make time for their training.

The Keegan family is one of our many families who train in multiple programs at Pure Mixed Martial Arts in Rockaway, NJ - there are classes for everyone in your family to take! We even have classes on our schedule that allow students to take their Tae Kwon Do class in one room, while their parents get a workout in a Fitness Kickboxing class our second classroom. These classes are great for any family on-the-go and optimizes time for you and your student.

You won't find a schedule like this anywhere else - get a workout in while they're in class all in one trip!

Try any class on our schedule for free! Email info@puremma.com or fill out our info form to get our schedule sent to your directly. See you on the mat!

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